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With the blessings and the collaboration of the noble Tidjani family throughout the world:

In Algeria:

  •  The present wold Caliph , Sidi Sherif Bel Arbi Tijani (Ain Madhi),
  •  His two predecessors, Sidi Sherif El Hajj Mhammed Tijani et Sidi Sherif Abdeljabbar Tijani (Ain Madhi), may ALLAH be pleased with them,
  •  Sidi Mohamed El Habib Tijani, eldest son and assistant to the previous wold Caliph (Ain Madhi),
  •  The Sage of the village of Abu Semghun, the scholar Sidi Ben Ramdan.

In Morrocco:

  •  Sheikh Mohammed El Kabir Tijani, Representative of the Tidjaniya Tariqa and of the Tidjani family for Morocco (Marrakech),
  •  Sidi Sherif Zoubir Tijani and his family of the sublime blessed Zawiya in Fes,
  •  Sidi Sherif Bachir Tijani and his son Sidi Mohammed Tahar Tijani, and their family of the Zawiya of Rabat (where Sidi Arbi ibn Saih is buried, may ALLAH be pleased with him)

In Senegal: Sidi Sherif Abdelmoutaleb Tijani in Dakar

The poor servant in ALLAH, Muhammad El Mansur El Muhiedine Tijani (Representative of the late Sidi Sherif El Hajj Mhammed Tijani and representative of the Tidjani family) of the great Zawiya of Europe (in Lyon, France) and his co-workers have the honor and privilege through their love for Seyyidina Sheikh Ahmed Tidjani (may ALLAH sanctify his precious secret) to present: